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'We got in touch with Helen as our daughter wasn’t sleeping well at all at night time. Waking several times, having to rock her back off to sleep. With her help within a couple of weeks we now have a little girl who self settles and sleeps solidly until morning! We can’t thank Helen enough. I can’t believe the change.'

'Before I met Helen my little boy had been sleeping in my bed with me for 2 years and I was at a total loss as to how to change it and I was worried it was too late. Helen’s approach was such a refreshing change from my well meaning friends and famalies advice to let him just ‘cry it out’. I loved my first meeting with Helen I left feeling so empowered and ready to put the work in to get my son in his own bed. Helen is an amazing support, she’s incredibly knowledgeable and she gave me the strength and determination to take control of our sleeping situation. I can’t thank Helen enough for how she’s helped us and my little boy is now sleeping in his own bed all night! '


'Helen has always been a sympathetic ear when you need it the most. Her wealth of knowledge and experience means she is unfazed and well equipped to help you with anything your little one can throw at you. Helen has helped me through some hard times by giving me and my husband support and invaluable techniques that work. Would recommend ?'

'With a combination of a Children's Nurse, Health Visitor and experienced mum, Helen really has everything you need. No question is to silly (and I've asked a lot!), she is knowledgeable, caring, and always has a listening ear. Helen has definitely made my parenting journey an easier one.'

'Helen was one of my main reasons I got through the first year of my daughters life. She helped me with my daughters latch, and made me feel safe when everything was getting too much. She never gave empty words such as 'it happens to everyone's without showing examples. She talked to me with no judgement, and complete understanding. She helped me deal with my anxiety of medical professionals, explaining what they were trying to say in ways I truly understood. She told me how it truly was, never holding back the truth but doing it in such a way that it never upset me, just made me feel supported. I would 100% recommend Helen to anyone and everyone.'

'Thank you for making me feel like I'm not doing it all wrong. I often judge myself that I must be doing something wrong when my baby still hasn't 'slept through' and although I knew it was normal developmentally it was nice to have a professional support the reasons behind this. I would really recommend Helen to any parent(a) who is struggling with sleep. She is caring, understanding, professional, everything you’d want when seeking support for the first months with a baby. Honestly I wouldn’t want a different experience. Helen gives so much support and listen to what you want and willing to do. She knows what she is talking about, is very trustworthy and care about her clients. I couldn’t thank her enough. My expectations were met by Helen, not only does she want to help you understand your baby’s sleep, she also gives you wise advice and support in your role as a parent.'
Happy mother

'Thank you so much for taking your time to chat today, it really made me feel better to know that what I feel is normal. I'm so glad I found you, not only for my daughter's sleep but that for that little extra mental support as well. I really appreciate it.'
Happy parent

'I saw you on your live this evening. My baby is 7 months ols and variuos people (including my HV) are pushing me to sleep train. You've given me the confidence to say no. She's sleeping terrribly at the moment. I'm shattered, but I know sleep training isn't for me. It seems in the western world babies aren't allowed to be babies and if they don't fit in to a 'schedule' then it's considered a problem that needs fixing, it's a shame really! Thank you for reassuring me that my baby aking is NORMAL!!'
Happy mum

'Today really was breath of fresh air, and had me quite emotional at points. I have paid out a small fortune to people who have continuously told me that th reason my boy doesn't sleep is because he is breastfed, I need to night wean, I need to be harsher with him, and today just got me right in the feels. I question myself everyday if I'm doing the right thing, if I'm going about things the right way, and to be honest, sometimes it has become obsessive and caused so much anxiety. As I said in the chat, today is the first time I've been told I'm doing things OK, what I'm doing is fine,and normal and in fact good for my little boy.'
Happy parent

'I have some out of my time with Helen with a more relaxed approach to sleep. Helen has so much knowledge in both a personal and professional sense and she is just a lovely person. She was on hand for whenever I needed to ask a question and when we spoke on the phone I always left feeling more relaxed and confident, no telling you what to do. Helen listens, offers suggestions and works with you. Thank you so much for all your support, you have really helped me.'
Happy parent
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